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Dr Pesek's Iridology2000 Interpretive & Reporting Software

Dr. David J. Pesek is acclaimed by the National Health Federation in the U.S.A. as the New Pioneer in Iridology.

Dr Pesek

He has lectured and taught his system, Holistic Iridology® in many countries covering four continents around the globe.

After a quarter century of research and clinical practice, Dr. Pesek has developed a comprehensive system for analyzing the irides and reporting the overall genetic constitution, various conditions and accumulations and the levels of health of the body's systems of detoxification, organs, and glands. The 18 brain flair areas that reflect the conscious and subconscious thought and emotional patterns of the person are also brought to light with this system.

Now, this detailed and personalized Iris Analysis Report is made available to healthcare practitioners with this new and innovative Iridology software package. This dynamic method of analysis utilizes Holistic Iridology®, which encompasses physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects to assist in healing the whole person.

Iridology practitioners, with the use of this Iridology software, will be able to express their skills in iris assessment and create a 30-page report for their clients.

The analysis text utilizes colors, numbers, words and scales to facilitate the easy comprehension of the information by the client. Further, basic guidelines include physical, emotional and mental aspects to help the client toward attainment of true health and vitality.

This Iridology software allows practitioners to add their own comments and guidelines to the text to further personalize the report. This package includes a laminated, colored topography chart to Holistic Iridology® and clear iris chart overlays.

You may also purchase Dr. Pesek's study course in Holistic Iridology® on videocassette. This is the leading edge in iridology for the new millennium. Welcome!

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  • Personalized 30+ page Iris Analysis Reports
  • Uses Holistic Iridology®
  • 140 additional evaluations
  • Encompasses physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspect
  • Multi-analysis text and personalised comments
  • Black/white topography chart & iris chart overlay


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