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Constitutional Iridology Software

Milo Milosevic graduated as a naturopath from the Southern School of Natural Therapies in 1980.

His passion for Iridology increased when he attended the College of Somatic Studies course in Constitutional Iridology in 1990 with Robert Lucy using Angerer's constitutional philosophy. It was an awakening into a realm of iridology that has led to this compilation of ideas. Milo has studied in the USA with the Natural Iridology Research Association, where the Deck system is used predominantly. He has lectured at the Australian College of Natural Medicine in Brisbane for 8 years and is currently lecturing for the Institute of Applied Iridology throughout Australia and New Zealand.

This Iridology software CD covers the iridology constitutions as gathered by Milo Milosevic N.D. over his lecturing years. This is a compilation of the constitutions from Deck, Angerer and American constitutions he has presented the ones that have seemed most appropriate for Australian naturopaths. It is written in such a way as to make it easily patient compliant & the analysis can be used even as a handout sheet. The constitutions are divided into blue, brown & mixed with dietry & lifestyle guidelines.

The Iridology software CD also contains many photographs of irides from Milo's clinical cases, also other pupil and iris signs as well. The purpose of this Iridology software CD is to bring the constitutions alive in a easily manageable way that will encourage the therapist to ask most questions about the patient as well as be aware of the health direction the person is going towards. Enjoy.

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  • Deck, Angerer and American constitutions
  • blue, brown & mixed constitutions
  • dietry & lifestyle guidelines


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