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At Iris Supplies, every online visitors is a valued visitor. We want your experience to be the best and we want you to find the value, convenience, product and service that you're looking for. To ensure visitor integrity, Iris Supplies will use any personal information collected by Iris Supplies only within the terms and conditions surrounding this policy. The information will be used to help Iris Supplies ensure that its services are best designed to meet your needs.

It is against Iris Supplies's policy to provide any visitor information to any third party without the customer's prior permission.

Information Iris Supplies Gathers

Iris Supplies gathers information through optional, voluntary surveys, optional user registration information, and information related to voluntary subscription to our e-mail and postal news releases.

What about e-mail?

Regarding e-mail, Iris Supplies does not send unsolicited or "spam" e- mail. Iris Supplies uses e-mail addresses collected from voluntary subscriptions from its download sites that alert subscribers of special offers, updates, price discounts and new releases of hot products. Subscribers are given the option to subscribe and/or unsubscribe to these lists at any time.

A subscriber can opt-out of any elecronic mailout list by replying to a received e-mail with "remove" in the subject line.

Iris Supplies does not sell or rent its e-mail lists.



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