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eyePIX10 Pro

The World’s First Digital SLR Camera Zoom Iriscope!
The Iris Supplies eyePIX10 Pro Digital Iriscope is the most advanced Iriscope in the world! This Next Generation Iriscope offers the ultimate in digital imaging with up to 10 Megapixel images - with the performance of an SLR camera, and the power of the microscope for zooming and live-eye examination.
Finally, the state-of-the-art technology at an affordable price!


  • Canon EOS Digital SLR Camera: high performance digital SLR; high-sensitivity, high-resolution, ultra-fine CMOS sensor; electronically controlled; images to 10 Megapixels
  • Excellent for all colored irises including Brown & Dark Brown Irises.
  • Zoom Binocular Microscope with 6.7 to 40x Magnification
  • Twin fibre optic cable with Halogen light source, high & low intensity adjustment, cold light minimizing patient irritation, precise day light illumination
  • Xenon flash (built within the Halogen light source): for more precise exposure.
  • Twin rack & pinions and sliding block for precise XYZ movement
  • Ergonomic designed Patient Stand with fold down headrest
  • Plugs straight into PC’s USB port for easy image transfer
  • Images stored and transported to PC and many other digital devices using built-in CompactFlash Card
  • Dark hood for Patient Stand, plus Legs for Patent Stand, plus two carry cases for convenient and safe transportation
  • Iridology Station 5: The worlds’ premier Iridology Analysis & Reporting Software


Iris Supplies equipment comes with a full 12 month guarantee, covering faulty components and workmanship, and after this time prompt backup service is assured.




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